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I photograph in black and white as a way of introducing abstraction to a scene. Photography in the absence of color is, by definition, a departure from reality. Although I love to travel and photograph the exciting and unusual, I often find images that evoke more meaning in the everyday. For me capturing these images involves a deliberate process of searching for and ultimately visualizing the familiar, forgotten or unnoticed in an extraordinary way. The more I photograph, the more I see and appreciate the beauty in the ordinary. I sometimes employ slow shutter speeds to alter the reality of a scene and to create a feeling of mystery.




            2018- Rogue Art Gallery, Medford, Oregon

                        “What is the Question?”  2 person show


            2018- Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, California

                        Member’s 2018 Juried Exhibition, Charles Cramer, juror


            2017- A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, Texas

                        Juried entry into “Vistas”,  Dan Burkholder juror


            2017-A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, Texas

                        Juried entry into “Earth”,  Paula Tognarelli juror

                        Director’s Award


            2016- A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, Texas  

                        Juried entry into “Trees”,  Michael Kenna juror


              2105-Howard Hanson Gallery, Ashland Oregon  

                        “Beauty in the Time of Climate Change”  group show


              2015-Copper Country Art Center, Hancock Michigan 

                           “On Iceland”   group show  


              2013-Rogue Art Gallery, Medford, Oregon  

                        “Hidden in Plain Sight”   group show




            2018- Lenswork No. 135 (Print) “Earth Etchings”


            2017- Seeing in Sixes, Lenswork.  (Print)   “Divine Places”


            2016-  Seeing in Sixes, Lenswork. (Print)  “Redwood Portraits”


            2014-  Lenswork No. 112 (Print) “On Folded Earth”